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Modern Boho jewellery for the Urban Lifestyle 2020

Boho jewelry has been in vogue for some time now. The hippies have already recognized this at that time ;-)! We at Corazul have now revolutionized this trend and adorned it with an urban touch! Puristic, minimal and yet extraordinary! So that our designs can be worn every day! Whether for work, dinner, university or party at the weekend! A true attitude to life, without a big statement. 


"Make every day something special."


The Boho Lifestyle is determined by strong natural colours, which have established themselves both in the Karma jewellery in ethno style and in the furnishing and decoration of apartments. The reason is quite simple: the natural colours have a positive effect on people. This applies to the green of the grass as well as to the brown of the earth and the deep blue of the oceans. These colours dominate the boho jewellery for the urban lifestyle.  Our primary colors gold & silver are optimal for the casual lifestyle! And does the whole thing: TIMELESS. 



Where does the Bohemian style come from with jewellery?

The term bohemian style is derived from the French word "bohémien". It originated in the 15th century as a term for the Roma and Romija who immigrated from Bohemia to France. They brought their culture and traditions of clothing and jewellery with them. These traditions were taken up again and again by the fashion designers and experienced a first boom in the hippie movement. The hippies were also called "flower childs" because of their colourful appearance. They all used jewellery that looked like homemade or was actually homemade. This design form has been preserved to this day in the Boho bracelet, Boho earrings and Boho necklaces.



High-quality Boho jewellery uses many natural motifs

The Boho Hippie Jewellery is the name that the offers in the Boho Jewellery Online Shops really deserve. This is shown by a look at the rings of the category Bohemian Jewellery. Here it is noticeable that besides minimalistic silver rings with pastel coloured stones there are also many rings where the stones are replaced by filigree flower decorations. Such rings are very conspicuous due to the size of the decorative objects. Fashion-conscious people like to combine several rings on one hand. An example for such combinations is a ring with flower heads, which is framed by two rings with cloverleaf decoration. Of course the Boho Style jewellery at the neck, ear and wrist should also fit. But this is no problem because of the wide selection of Boho necklaces, Boho bracelets and Boho earrings.



Boho-Chic is timeless and fits many fashion styles

The natural colours of Boho jewellery stones, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and finger rings are also very popular with fashion designers. Thus high-quality Boho jewellery is versatilely combinable. The boho rings with sky-blue stone, for example, go well with a jeans blouse or a chic summer dress for a beach party. But the minimalist jewellery in Bohemian style has also developed into a real "long runner". The combinations of delicate chains and rings in sterling silver with small stones are the ideal complement to the business outfit. They adorn the ears, neckline and hands without appearing clumsy and exaggerated. Models with zirconia crystals and Swarovski stones are also very popular in this category.



The Boho Jewellery Online Shop has much more to offer

In the spare time the jewellery may be gladly somewhat more noticeable. If you want to go to a party and decorate yourself in Bohemian style, you could buy a small selection of Boho jewellery earrings with tassel tassels in different colours, modelled on Oriental jewellery. A Boho bracelet modelled on the "begging bracelets" with interchangeable charms would be a good addition. With the Boho necklaces, the models that form a double chain are very popular. Silver and gold can also be combined. Earrings with long pendants belong to the traditions of Boho jewellery. Natural motifs also rank high on the list. The palette ranges from hearts to large (genuine) shells.



Boho style jewelry is not a passing fad

Whoever buys high-quality Boho jewellery is well prepared for the future. This investment is worthwhile in the long run, because so far not a single fashion trend has managed to push Bohemian jewellery out of the fashion world. It is not pure fashion jewellery, but represents an attitude to life. This is why hippie jewellery with natural motifs and genuine parts from nature is so popular. Its popularity, on the other hand, ensures that it can be seen as a small P

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