We take you on a very special journey and want you to remember very special moments with our jewelry. Wanderlust and wanderlust should always be reflected in our designs. 

Our Eco-Collection ist 100% handmade in Rio de Janeiro. 

It arises from regrowing and robust palm leaf roots. The

This means that the materials in the Eco collection are sustainable, environmentally friendly and climate friendly at the same time.

We also use so-called Surgeon stainless steel with an 18-carat gold layer! Wearing it neither changes the color, nor does the jewelry rust or oxidize. In addition, it is absolutely skin-friendly and for particularly sensitive skin  suitable. Because it does not oxidize, it can easily be worn while bathing and exercising.

Unser Silver sterling 925 Jewelry with 18K gold plating has shown no changes in color and shape in tests of up to 12 months under heavy use (such as in the sauna, gym and shower)! Indeed recommend  we our customers to take off the costume jewelry made of 925 gold during such activities, as otherwise it requires intensive care. The tests did not show any negative symptoms in allergy sufferers. 

We ensure that all of our products are skin-friendly and environmentally friendly. Most products hardly contain any traces







We donate part of our income

monthly to ORO VERDE